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Air Conditioning Repair

You expect the air conditioner in your home or business to provide you with reliable coolness and comfort during the long summer months. When it stops working, you must act quickly to get it fixed and back in operation. Rather than face another day in a building that is stuffy, humid, and hot, you can call us today for the prompt and professional air conditioning repair Florence SC home and business owners like you deserve.

Types of Air Conditioner Repairs

When it comes to the types of AC repair Florence SC residents encounter the most, perhaps the most challenging can be finding and repairing refrigerant leaks. After so many weeks and months of use, air conditioners can sometimes develop leaks in their systems. If you have no experience maintaining and repairing these systems, you may not have any idea of where to look to find the leaks.

For the most thorough HVAC repair, Florence SC home and business owners like you are better off calling us whenever you suspect your AC has developed a refrigerant leak. Our technicians know where to look to find the leaks and what it takes to get them repaired quickly and thoroughly. Once the leaks are repaired, our trained and licensed technicians can also refill the Freon in the unit so the air in your home or workplace will once again be cool and comfortable.

Another common repair issue found with air conditioners today involve faulty fans. The typical air conditioner in a building has two fans, the blower, and the condenser. The condenser draws out and removes the heat from the air conditioner while it is running. The blower pushes cold air into the ventilation system so the entire building will be kept at the desired temperature.

Among other issues that AC fans can experience, broken belts, loose or bent fan blades, and problems with the motor are among the most common. Regardless of what issue is plaguing your AC’s fans, our experienced technicians are ready and capable of diagnosing the problem and making the needed repairs quickly.

Finally, your air conditioner has a device in it called a compressor. The compressor is complex and can be challenging to fix whenever it suffers electrical or motor damages. Because of how difficult it can be to service the compressor, it is best that you allow our trained and capable AC repair technicians to fix it for you. They have the experience needed to determine what is wrong with the device and what types of repairs are needed to get it back in working order.

These three common repairs do not have to put your AC out of commission. You can have it fixed quickly and to your satisfaction by calling us now for the professional air conditioning repair Florence SC clients like you deserve and expect.

Around-the-clock Repairs

We know that air conditioner malfunctions often occur when you are least expecting them. When your system breaks down in the middle of the night or on the weekend, you cannot wait until the next business day to have it repaired. You need it serviced right away so you can keep your home or business cool and comfortable.

We offer around-the-clock air conditioner repairs for your convenience. Call us today or go online to our website to discover more about all of our friendly and professional air conditioner repair services.

When the weather is at its hottest, you need your home or business’s air conditioner to work without fail. Find out how we can keep your AC in good working order by contacting us today for experienced air conditioner repairs.