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5 Reason To Replace The A/C Filter Monthly

The cooling system would be practically inoperable without its filter system because it is the filter that makes it possible for the air conditioning system to work properly and efficiently. However, due to constant use, the filter is prone to get dirty as it continues to filter air it releases into our home. The air we breathe in is so full of particles that it will that is harmful to our health.

Just like your nose, the AC filter also takes in these particles and releases clean fresh air into the atmosphere undoubtedly the particles stick to the filter during this process thereby making it dirty. The AC filter is a machine so getting dirty is its job but cleaning it up is yours. Here are a few reasons why you must clean the filter.

  1. A dirty filter damages the AC unit

The number one reason why air conditioning systems break down is that of a dirty filter. The filter is important to the effectiveness of the cooling system as the filter works as long as the system is on. An essential ingredient as the filter shouldn’t be allowed to get so dirty it works extra hard to perform. Once it gets too dirty, the air conditioning system begins to lose its effectiveness.

2. Economical in terms of energy costs

Cleaning or replacing the Filter is easy and quite cheap, and this can make the filter work more efficiently with more power. A dirty filter takes twice as much energy as a clean one to work and at
the end won’t work properly. So economically speaking the cost of cleaning it will be less than the cost of the energy it will consume if it were to remain dirty and would even work better. In other words, it’s worth the cost.

3. Maintains air quality

The filter is the reason why we don’t take in all the particles in the air when we breathe; it filters the air by holding the particles and releasing fresh air. However, this continues to be possible if only the filter were clean. The dirtier it gets the lesser its ability to filter and the lesser the quality of the air you take in. For the sake of your health, it is advisable to replacing or clean your filter
monthly so as to continue to enjoy quality particle free air in your home.

4. Clean atmosphere.

A clean filter equals to clean cooling and heating in the environment and ultimately leads to a clean atmosphere. Replacing or cleaning your filter monthly will enable you to continue to enjoy clean cooling and heating air in your home without having to worry about dirt flying all around in your home or office. True it is the atmosphere that makes the filter dirty in the first place but it is the work of the filter to continue to make the atmosphere clean and free of particles and keeping the filter clean is key to achieving that.

5. Peace of mind

Believe me, it is very disturbing to know that the heating and cooling system is not working properly or not delivering quality air. It gets more disturbing when you don’t seem to know why and can’t do anything about it. But you can always avoid these problems if you replace or clean your filter regularly, in fact, you may never know what it means to have a faulty cooling system or having unhealthy indoor air as the system will work properly without problems and you will have peace of mind with no worries.

Cleaning or Replacing Your AC filter is quite cheap and easy such that you don’t have to suffer from unhealthy air, incur high energy costs and still receive low-quality service from your AC or lose the entire system to dirt. Replacing it regularly frees you from the repair, time, energy and money it could cost you if you were to continue using an AC with a dirty filter.